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Fiscon G., Weitschek E.
String-matching and alignment algorithms for finding motifs in NGS data. Algorithms for Next-Generation Sequencing Data: Techniques, Approaches, and Applications 2017: 235-264

Paci Paola, Colombo Teresa, Fiscon Giulia, Gurtner Aymone, Pavesi Giulio, Farina Lorenzo
Cumbo F., Fiscon G., Ceri S., Masseroli M., Weitschek E.


Fiscon G, Iannello G, Paci P
Bertolazzi P., Felici Giovanni, Festa P., Fiscon Giulia, Weitschek E.
Fiscon G, Conte F, Colombo T, Farina L, Paci P
Integrated network analysis for studying human lung squamous cell carcinoma. Proceeding of GNB2016 2016, section: Bioinformatica 2016: -

Fiscon Giulia, Weitschek Emanuel, Cella Eleonora, Lo Presti Alessandra, Giovanetti Marta, Babakir Mina Muhammed, Ciotti Marco, Ciccozzi Massimo, Pierangeli Alessandra, Bertolazzi Paola, Felici Giovanni


Fiscon Giulia, P. Paci, T. Colombo, G. Iannello
A new procedure to analyze RNA non-branching structures. CURRENT BIOINFORMATICS 2015: 242-258

Cestarelli Valerio, Fiscon Giulia, Felici Giovanni, Bertolazzi Paola, Weitschek Emanuel
Weitschek Emanuel, Fiscon Giulia, Bertolazzi Paola, Felici Giovanni
Weitschek E., Fiscon G., Fustaino V., Felici G., Bertolazzi P.
Clustering and Classification Techniques for Gene Expression Profile Pattern Analysis. Pattern Recognition in Computational Molecular Biology: Techniques and Approaches 2015: 347-370

Weitschek Emanuel, Fiscon Giulia, Felici Giovanni, Bertolazzi Paola
GELA:a software tool for the analysis of gene expression data.. Database and Expert Systems Applications 2015: 31-35

Fiscon Giulia, P. Paci, G. Iannello


E. Weitschek, Fiscon Giulia, P. Bertolazzi, P. Festa, Giovanni Felici
A new greedy randomized procedure for the feature selection problem. IV EURO WG Conference on Operational Research in Computational Biology, Bioinformatics and Medicine 2014: 25-25

De Cola M. C., Fiscon Giulia, E. Weitschek, S. De Salvo, G. Felici, P. Bramanti
Fiscon Giulia, E. Weitschek, G. Felici, P. Bertolazzi, S. de Salvo, P. Bramante, M. C. De Cola
Alzheimer’s disease patients classification through EEG signals processing. 2014 IEEE SYMPOSIUM SERIES ON COMPUTATIONAL INTELLIGENCE Proceedings 2014: 105-112

Fiscon Giulia, E. Weitschek, P. Bertolazzi, De Cola M. C., S. De Salvo S, P. Bramanti, G. Felici:
E. Weitschek, Fiscon Giulia, G. Felici, P. Bertolazzi
GELA: Gene Expression Logic Analyzer. Nettab2014 Workshop, From structural bioinformatics to integrative systems biology. Book of Abstract 2014: 85-85

Fiscon Giulia, P. Paci, T. Colombo, G. Iannello
E. Weitschek, D. Santoni, Fiscon Giulia, M. C. De Cola, P. Bertolazzi, G. Felici
Fiscon Giulia
Progetto per Avvio alla Ricerca 2014. "Development of algorithms to analyze the secondary structures of RNA molecules" 2014: -

E. Weitschek, Fiscon Giulia, G. Felici


Fiscon Giulia, P. Paci, T. Colombo, G. Iannello
Development of an algorithm to identify RNA secondary structures.. FEBS workshop on Translating Epigenomes into Function: a Next Generation Challenge for Human Disease- Abstract Book 2013: 71-71

Fiscon Giulia, P. Paci, T. Colombo, G. Iannello
E. Weitschek, Fiscon Giulia, G. Felici
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