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Automatic Control, Bioengineering and Operations Research

Coordinator: Giuseppe Oriolo

The Academic Board of the PhD program in Automatic Control, Bioengineering and Operations Research is coordinated by Giuseppe ORIOLO. This PhD program is the result of merging the two former PhD programs in Systems Engineering and in Operations Research, and has now three curricula, i.e., Automatic Control, Bioengineering, and Operations Research. The research topics are: systems theory, nonlinear and optimal control, control applications, robotics, networked systems, metabolic systems,...


Coordinator: Leonardo Querzoni

Cybersecurity today represents a rapidly growing research area with important multidisciplinary aspects, ranging from purely technological issues to aspects related to the control of data and information flows in complex socio-technical scenarios such as healthcare, e-government, digital business, finance, logistics and energy. Cybersecurity also offers a promising research field to advance theoretical knowledge in disciplines such as computing, information systems, management, innovation,...

Data Science

Coordinator: Stefano Leonardi

The Academic Board of the PhD program in Data Science is coordinated by Stefano LEONARDI. Data Science is an interdisciplinary field of study that has established itself in recent years in order to offer the methodological tools and technologies necessary for the management and analysis of big data and their valorisation in industry, services, and search. The phenomenon of big data has revolutionized countless sectors of economicsocial activity. The phenomenon of big data has also profoundly...

Dottorato nazionale in Intelligenza Artificiale

Coordinator: Maurizio Lenzerini

Il Dottorato Nazionale in Intelligenza Artificiale (Phd-AI.it) riguarda un tema centrale per la trasformazione digitale della società. Ha l’obiettivo di mobilitare la comunità nazionale per un dottorato in AI al più alto livello scientifico, tale da dare impulso alla ricerca e all’innovazione industriale e sociale del paese....

Engineering in Computer Science

Coordinator: Luca Iocchi

The Academic Board of the PhD program in Engineering in Computer Science is coordinated by Luca IOCCHI. The research topics include: theory of algorithms, computer systems, databases, programming languages, theoretical computer science, image processing, artificial intelligence, cognitive robotics, VLSI, computational logics, performance evaluation, distributed software architectures, human-computer interaction, computer networks and security.

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