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Workshop on Ambient Intelligence for promoting Sustainable Behaviors

Data dell'evento: 
Wednesday, 13 November, 2019 - 14:30 to 17:00
Aula Magna
Ioannis Chatzigiannakis

In this workshop, we will look into the ways to design, develop and evaluate systems that aim to drive behavioural change, based on Ambient Intelligence mechanisms. A number of challenges have surfaced during the last few years when designing and applying these systems in fields like energy, sustainability, personal health, smart cities and security. The workshop includes the following research presentations:

  • "The Case for Open Datasets from IoT-connected School Buildings", Georgios Mylonas, Dimitrios Amaxilatis
  • "Multiple knowledge categorising behavioural states and communication attempts in people with profound intellectual and multiple disabilities", Matej Cigale, Mitja Luštrek
  • "Exploring different combinations of data and methods for urban land use analysis: a survey", Renato Andrade, Ana Alves, Carlos Bento
  • "A Machine Learning Approach to Monitor Air Quality from Traffic and Weather data", Claudio Rossi, Alessandro Farasin, Giacomo Falcone, Carlotta Castelluccio
  • "Evaluating a design-based learning approach using IoT technologies for STEM education", Irene Mavrommati, Chrysanthi Tziortzioti, Ioannis Chatzigiannakis
  • "Evaluating Methods for Emotion Recognition based on Facial and Vocal Features", Matthias Ley, Maria Egger, Sten Hanke
  • "The NOAH project: Internet of Things supporting seniors' independent living", Adrian Alexandru Moșoi, Sorin Moraru, Delia Ungureanu, Liviu Pernu, Florin Sandu, Dominic Kristaly, Leen Broeckx, Marc Mertens, Glen Debard, Alessandro Riccomini, Lorenzo Lasagna, Alwin Guenzberg, Vlad Petre, Sten Hanke, Niccolo' Mora, Federico Cocconcelli, Guido Matrella, Paolo Ciampolini
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