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Double win at the Minerva Prize 2023

Minerva Prize's winners
Emanuele De Santis (ABRO XXXV) and Alessandro Giuseppi (ex-ABRO XXXII, former winner of the previous edition), both currently Researchers in the Master in Control Engineering at La Sapienza University, were the winners of the fourth edition of the Minerva Prize as the best PhD Student and best Young Researcher for macro-area D "Engineering and Architecture," respectively.
The Minerva Prize is recognized by the "Fondazione Roma Sapienza" and is awarded for each of the six macro-areas to a single Ph.D. student and a single young researcher whose scholarly activities have made a significant contribution to scientific progress in their disciplinary field. The fourth edition saw the participation of about 600 competitors, enrolled between the XXXII and XXXVII doctoral cycles. Now the PhD course ABRO has 2 winners of this edition and 3 winners in the last two editions (all belonging to the DIAG Research Group on Networked System).
The award ceremony was held on November 6, 2023 in the presence of Professor Roberto Antonelli, president of the Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei, Professor Eugenio Gaudio, president of the Fondazione Roma Sapienza and former rector, Professor Cesare Imbriani, chairman of the evaluation committee, and former Undersecretary of State Gianni Letta.
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