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Roberto Navigli has been selected as an ACL Fellow

Roberto Navigli has been selected as an ACL Fellow! With this prestigious acknowledgment, the Association for Computational Linguistics recognizes researchers whose contributions to the field of NLP have been most extraordinary in terms of scientific and technical excellence, service to the association and the community and/or educational or outreach activities with broader impact.

below the 5 nominated fellows:

+ Mona Diab
- Carnegie Mellon University
- For contributions to Arabic language NLP, to lexical semantics,  and for democratizing NLP to wider and less privileged communities.

+ Barbara di Eugenio
- University of Illinois at Chicago
- For outstanding contributions to natural language generation; intelligent tutoring systems; discourse; intercoder agreement; and applying multimodal interactive systems to health.

+ Anna Korohnen
- University of Cambridge
- For significant contributions to lexical acquisition, multilingual and low resource NLP, socially beneficial language applications, and services to the ACL community

+ Roberto Navigli
- Sapienza University of Rome
- For significant contributions to multilingual lexical-semantic resources and a unifying vision for multilingual lexical and sentence-level semantics.

+Ming Zhou
- Langboat Ltd.
- For significant contributions to machine translation, language learning, text generation as well as the growth of NLP community in China and Asia

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