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Seminario per il percorso d'eccellenza - Franco Martino, EMC - 21/5/2010 ore 15

Avviso di seminario per il percorso d'eccellenza

  • SPEAKER: Franco Martino, EMC Computer Systems Italia
  • DATA E LUOGO: 21 maggio 2010, ore 15, DIS, via Ariosto 25, aula magna
  • TITOLO: Beyond Green: Energy Efficient IT
  • ABSTRACT: A sustainable environment is important and EMC believes that a truly green message is one of efficiency. EMC has many energy efficiency advantages for the data center Green initiatives; we help them get more value from data while increasing utilization, conserving power, and cutting costs. A special benefit of improving IT efficiency is that, while it provides great business value, it helps to minimize impacts on the environment too.

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