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2016, OPTIMIZATION AND ENGINEERING, Pages 127-156 (volume: 17)

Derivative-free global ship design optimization using global/local hybridization of the DIRECT algorithm (01a Articolo in rivista)

Campana Emilio F., Diez Matteo, Iemma Umberto, Liuzzi Giampaolo, Lucidi Stefano, Rinaldi Francesco, Serani Andrea

The application of global/local hybrid DIRECT algorithms to the simulation-based hull form optimization of a military vessel is presented, aimed at the reduction of the resistance in calm water. The specific features of the black-box-type objective function make the problem suitable for the application of DIRECT-type algorithms. The objective function is given by numerical iterative procedures, which could lead to inaccurate derivative calculations. In addition, the presence of local minima cannot be excluded a priori. The algorithms proposed (namely DIRMIN and DIRMIN-2) are hybridizations of the classic DIRECT algorithm, with deterministic derivative-free local searches. The algorithms’ performances are first assessed on a set of test problems, and then applied to the ship optimization application. The numerical results show that the local hybridization of the DIRECT algorithm has beneficial effects on the overall computational cost and on the efficiency of the simulation-based optimization procedure
Gruppo di ricerca: Continuous Optimization
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