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2018, Ambient Intelligence, Pages 171-187 (volume: 11249)

Raising awareness for water polution based on game activities using internet of things (04b Atto di convegno in volume)

Tziortzioti Chrysanthi, Andreetti Giuseppe, Rodinò Lucia, Mavrommati Irene, Vitaletti Andrea, Chatzigiannakis Ioannis

Awareness among young people regarding the environment and its resources and comprehension of the various factors that interplay, is key to changing human behaviour towards achieving a sustainable planet. In this paper IoT equipment, utilizing sensors for measuring various parameters of water quality, is used in an educational context targeting at a deeper understanding of the use of natural resources towards the adoption of environmentally friendly behaviours. We here note that the use of water sensors in STEM gameful learning is an area which has not received a lot of attention in the previous years. The IoT water sensing and related scenaria and practices, addressing children via discovery, gamification, and educational activities, are discussed in detail.
ISBN: 9783030030612; 978-3-030-03062-9
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