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A nonlinear time-delay realization for gastroparesis in patients with diabetes (01a Articolo in rivista)

Califano C., Scharbarg E., Magdelaine N., Moog C. H.

The realization problem is fundamental in control systems theory and is well understood for linear systems. The situation is quite different for nonlinear systems with or without time delays. New results are given herein either as an abstract characterization of the class of delay–free nonlinear systems which are known to admit a realization, or by characterizing the existence of a realization for a wider class of retarded type or neutral type time delay nonlinear systems. The problem is motivated by the very practical modelling and realization problem of diabetes with or without gastroparesis. Up to 4% to 12% patients with diabetes are affected by the so-called gastroparesis which delays the digestion process. Several concurrent state space mathematical models do exist for diabetes and require a re-evaluation based on physiologic facts. These are reviewed herein to derive a (minimal) realization.

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