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2019, IEEE ROBOTICS AND AUTOMATION MAGAZINE, Pages 30-45 (volume: 26)

Humanoid Robots in Aircraft Manufacturing: The Airbus Use Cases (01a Articolo in rivista)

Kheddar Abderrahmane, Caron Stéphane, Gergondet Pierre, Comport Andrew, Tanguy Arnaud, Ott Christian, Henze Bernd, Mesesan George, Englsberger Johannes, Roa Máximo A., Wieber Pierre-Brice, Chaumette François, Spindler Fabien, Oriolo Giuseppe, Lanari Leonardo, Escande Adrien, Chappellet Kevin, Kanehiro Fumio, Patrice Rabaté And

We report on the results of a collaborative project that investigated the deployment of humanoid robotic solutions in air-craft manufacturing for several assembly op erations where access by wheeled or railported robotic platforms is not possible. Recent de velopments in multicontact planning and control, bipedal walking, embedded simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM), whole-body multisensory task-space optimization control, and contact detection and safety suggest that humanoids could be a plausible solution for automation, given the specific requirements in large-scale manufacturing sites. The main challenge is the integration of these scientific and technological advances into two existing humanoid platforms: the position-controlled Human Robotics Project (HRP-4) and the torque-controlled robot (TORO). This integration effort was demonstrated during a bracketassembly operation inside a 1:1-scale A350 mockup of the front part of the fuselage at the Airbus Saint-Nazaire site. We present and discuss the main results achieved in this project and provide recommendations for future work.
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