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2019, Proceedings of the Young Scientist's Third International Workshop on Trends in Information Processing (YSIP3 2019), Pages - (volume: 2500)

Autonomous flight of a quadrocopter group with the use of the virtual leader strategy (04b Atto di convegno in volume)

Samoilov P., Vinokursky D., Schaerf M., Mecella M.

In this article we present an algorithm of controlling the quadrocopters swarm and a theory of applying the Kalman filter for the equations of motion of a quadrocopter in mountainous conditions. In our case, in order to coordinate the group, it is necessary to form the spatial programmatic trajectory of the UAV using the appropriate control law. The concept of coordinated reversal is introduced, which allows to obtain analytical equations of spatial motions expressed through the definition of the velocity vector and the yaw angle. The algorithm was tested in the Gazebo simulator. The results are used for spatial motion of quadrocopter groups.
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