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2023, HEALTHCARE, Pages - (volume: 11)

Deep Neural Network Regression to Assist Non-Invasive Diagnosis of Portal Hypertension (01a Articolo in rivista)

Baldisseri Federico, Wrona Andrea, Menegatti Danilo, Pietrabissa Antonio, Battilotti Stefano, Califano Claudia, Cristofaro Andrea, Di Giamberardino Paolo, Facchinei Francisco, Palagi Laura, Giuseppi Alessandro, Delli Priscoli Francesco

Portal hypertension is a complex medical condition characterized by elevated blood pressure in the portal venous system. The conventional diagnosis of such disease often involves invasive procedures such as liver biopsy, endoscopy, or imaging techniques with contrast agents, which can be uncomfortable for patients and carry inherent risks. This study presents a deep neural network method in support of the non-invasive diagnosis of portal hypertension in patients with chronic liver diseases. The proposed method utilizes readily available clinical data, thus eliminating the need for invasive procedures. A dataset composed of standard laboratory parameters is used to train and validate the deep neural network regressor. The experimental results exhibit reasonable performance in distinguishing patients with portal hypertension from healthy individuals. Such performances may be improved by using larger datasets of high quality. These findings suggest that deep neural networks can serve as useful auxiliary diagnostic tools, aiding healthcare professionals in making timely and accurate decisions for patients suspected of having portal hypertension.
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