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Next CS&E Seminar: Carlo Batini

The next seminar of the Computer Science & Engineering seminar series will be held on Thursday 25 February 2010, at noon, in Aula B2 (note the different location from the usual one) with the following talk
SPEAKER: Carlo Batini University of Milano Bicocca batini@disco.unimib.it

TITLE: Data architectures: technological, organizational and economic issues

ABSTRACT: The focus of the speech is on the concept of data architecture, considered in the three perspectives of data base technology, organization and information economics. A data architecture can be tentatively defined as the allocation of all kinds of structured data in the databases and data management systems managed by one or more cooperating organizations (we exclude P2P systems). In the last forty years, data management systems have evolved from file systems, to centralized data bases, distributed databases, multidatabases, federated databases, data integration solutions, and other solutions such as publish and subscribe that pertain to the areas of Enterprise Information Integration (EII) and Enterprise Application Integration (EAI). While so many solutions have been proposed, the concepts of data architecture, data architecture design, data architecture evolution making use of such families of technologies didn't get the same attention. A preliminary research work in the area will be described in the speech, discussing the technological & organizational & economic issue of information capacity of an architecture, and providing a first suite of algorithms and experiments on such algorithms that allow to choose the best evolution of a data architecture making use of EII and EAI technologies, where the optimization is referred to the increment of information capacity ratio the cost of the project solution.

Massimo Mecella and Domenico Lembo (Chairs of the Seminars series)

Web page of the Seminars series: http://www.dis.uniroma1.it/~seminf/

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