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CS&E Seminar Wed. 21 July, 3 pm -- Sebastian Sardina @ Aula Magna

Next Computer Science & Engineering Seminar: Wed. 21 July, 15.00, Aula Magna @ DIS

TITLE: Planning via Petri-net Unfolding: A novel technique for parallel planning
SPEAKER: Sebastian Sardina

ABSTRACT: Parallel plans are generally valued for their execution flexibility, which manifests as alternative choices for the ordering of operators and potentially faster plan executions. Planning via Petri net unfolding is a novel technique for synthesising parallel plans. The technique is appealing in that it provides a middle ground, on the axis of commitment, between traditional state-based and plan-based approaches to automated planning. In this talk, I will provide a general overview of such technique and discuss some theoretical analysis wrt its concurrency semantics and optimality properties of plans returned.


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