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Seminar: Matei Mancas, University of Mons

December 15, 12:00, AULA MAGNA
Overview of the research at the IT department of the University of Mons, Belgium

The talk will begin with a brief introduction to the university structure in the French-speaking Belgian community. Then, some classical research within the IT department will be described: speech recognition and synthesis and image processing. In a second part, some new trends 
in the research of the IT department are addressed (audio expressivity, multimedia retrieval, use of stereo cameras, computational attention)...
Finally, the NumediArt (www.numediart.org) research project (which deals with digital arts putting together a lot of the department research) is presented. 

Matei Mancas holds an electrical engineering master degree from both ESIGETEL and the University of Orsay, Paris XI, France and a PhD degree from the Engineering faculty of the University of Mons, Belgium. His research is mainly focused on human visual attention modeling for computers and he is finishing a 3-months stay at the Alcor Lab at Sapienza University with Prof. F. Pirri.

Contact: Prof. Fiora Pirri (pirri@dis.uniroma1.it)


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