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Seminario Philippe Laredo


Nanotechnologies as a new type of general purpose
technology: implications for market development

Prof. Philippe Laredo

Université Paris-Est, Institut français recherche, innovation en société (IFRIS)
University of Manchester, MBS, Manchester Institute of Innovation research (MIOIR)

Dove e quando: Aula Magna, Mercoledì, 23 novembre 2011, ore 15:00

This lecture puts in perspective contemporary debates and challenges about nanotechnology. It presents an overview of diverse analyses and expectations about this presumably revolutionary set of technological, scientific and industrial developments. Three main lines of argument can then be delineated: first of all, the degree of cumulativeness of science and technologies and the respective roles of newcomers and incumbents in the industrial dynamics; second the knowledge dynamics in nanotechnologies, especially the linkages by science and technology and third the role of institutions (network, geographic agglomeration and job market). It finally discusses methodologies to delineate the field of nanotechnologies and to collect data.


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