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Simulation of contact and deformations in computer graphics.

Where: Dipartimento di Ingegneria informatica, automatica e gestionale "A. Ruberti", via Ariosto 25, Aula A4

When: Wednesday, 06.06.2012 - ore 14.30

Speaker: Prof. Miguel Otaduy

Abstract. In the interaction with virtual worlds, we expect objects to move, deform, and collide with each other in realistic ways. Simulating these effects efficiently requires the solution to problems spanning material modeling, mechanical simulation, computational geometry, or constrained optimization.

Our research follows three major directions: methods for contact handling of rigid, deformable, and even granular materials; modeling of mechanical phenomena from examples; and methods for rich visuo-haptic interaction with virtual worlds. This talk will summarize and discuss our progress in these three directions, with the overall goal of designing more effective and efficient algorithms for the simulation of diverse mechanical effects.


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