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2018, 25th International EurOMA Conference Proceedings, Pages -

Project Value: A literature review (04b Atto di convegno in volume)

KHORRAM NIAKI Mojtaba, Nonino Fabio, Palombi Giulia

In the last years, the idea that project value is made by sum of tangible and intangible elements (PMBok Guide, 2017) became commonly accepted; the need for an holistic approach supplementing value creation with value capture have been also recently highlighted (Laursen & Svejvig, 2016); nevertheless there is still not a clear and exhaustive definition in literature that clarifies which are the elements whose sum would constitute project value and what factors drive them. In order to identify and report the state-of-the-art regarding project value concept, the present study consists in a systematic review of literature that aims to provide a definition of project value and to define the project value driving factors. This research not only contribute to academic research in the field of benefit and portfolio management but also lays the foundations for a multidimensional model that would take in account the multitude of aspects identified, providing a practical way to custom, esteem and compare project values.
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