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2019, EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF CONTROL, Pages 63-79 (volume: 46)

Adaptive output regulation of right-invertible MIMO LTI systems, with application to vessel motion control (01a Articolo in rivista)

Pyrkin A., Isidori A.

The problem of robust output regulation for MIMO linear time-invariant systems with harmonic exogenous inputs and parameter uncertainties is addressed. We discuss two methods to handle stability in the presence of plant uncertainties, that take full advantage of all controls and all available measurements. One method, appeals to a general notion of “robust” minimum-phase. The other method, that addresses the case of unstructured uncertainties, reposes on the solution of appropriate LMIs. In both cases, the critical issue is to show how adaptive tuning of the internal model can be implemented, so as to obtain a controller that guarantees asymptotic convergence of the regulated output to zero. A numerical example of vessel motion control is given to illustrate one of the proposed approaches.
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