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2021, ITM Web Conf, Pages - (volume: 38)

Safeguarding Information in Service Science with Service Integration (04b Atto di convegno in volume)

Diego Padovan, Javid Taheri, D'Amore Fabrizio

Service Science can be described through information, that underpins knowledge as enabler of service value chain. Therefore data, as a part of information, is a basic asset of the service market where undertakings constantly face high competition and try to protect such assets from malicious attackers. Information as to be preserved also for regulatory constraints, and traditional organizational models can have limits in doing so. In this paper it is discussed the possibility to manage both data protection and cyber security through an information security integrated management service (ISIMS). In fact, as per other cross-functional knowledge, information security and data privacy compliance can be managed via an integrated approach, as a possible evolution of the common organizational separation between their respective domains, namely Legal and IT. Moreover, this paper identifies major areas of benefits as well as current lack of integrated systems for information safeguard in Service Science.
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