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2021, RoboCup 2021 symposium, Pages -

Learning from the Crowd: Improving the Decision Making Process in Robot Soccer using the Audience Noise (02a Capitolo o Articolo)

Antonioni Emanuele, Suriani Vincenzo, Solimando Filippo, Bloisi Domenico Daniele, Nardi Daniele

Fan input and support is an important component in many individual and team sports, ranging from athletics to basketball. Audience interaction provides a consistent impact on the athletes’ performance. The analysis of the crowd noise can provide a global indication on the ongoing game situation, less conditioned by subjective factors that can influence a single fan. In this work, we exploit the collective intelligence of the audience of a robot soccer match to improve the performance of the robot players. In particular, audio features extracted from the crowd noise are used in a Reinforcement Learning process to possibly modify the game strategy. The effectiveness of the proposed approach is demonstrated by experiments on registered crowd noise samples from several past RoboCup SPL matches.
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