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2021, ARMS2021, Pages -

RoSmEEry: Robotic Simulated Environment for Evaluation and Benchmarking of Semantic Mapping Algorithms (04b Atto di convegno in volume)

Kaszuba Sara, Sabbella Sandeep Reddy, Suriani Vincenzo, Riccio Francesco, Nardi Daniele

Human-robot interaction requires a common understanding of the operational environment, which can be provided by a representation that blends geometric and symbolic knowledge: a semantic map. Through a semantic map the robot can interpret user commands by grounding them to its sensory observations. Semantic mapping is the process that builds such a representation. Despite being fundamental to enable cognition and high-level reasoning in robotics, semantic mapping is a challenging task due to generalization to different scenarios and sensory data types. In fact, it is difficult to obtain a rich and accurate semantic map of the environment and of the objects therein. Moreover, to date, there are no frameworks that allow for a comparison of the performance in building semantic maps for a given environment. To tackle these issues we design RoSmEEry, a novel framework based on the Gazebo simulator, where we introduce an accessible and ready-to-use methodology for a systematic evaluation of semantic mapping algorithms. We release our framework, as an open-source package, with multiple simulation environments with the aim to provide a general set-up to quantitatively measure the performances in acquiring semantic knowledge about the environment.
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