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2023, 4OR, Pages -

A two-objective optimization of ship itineraries for a cruise company (01a Articolo in rivista)

DI PILLO Gianni, Fabiano Marcello, Lucidi Stefano, Roma Massimo

This paper deals with the problem of cruise itinerary planning which plays a central role in worldwide cruise ship tourism. In particular, the Day-by-day Cruise Itinerary Optimization (DCIO) problem is considered. Assuming that a cruise has been planned in terms of homeports and journey duration, the DCIO problem consists in determining the daily schedule of each itinerary so that some Key Performance Indicators are optimized. The schedule of an itinerary, i.e. the sequence of visited ports, the arrival and departure time at each port, greatly affect cruise operative costs and attractiveness. We propose a Mixed Integer Linear Programming (MILP) formulation of the problem with the objective of minimizing the itinerary cost due to fuel and port costs, while maximizing an itinerary attractiveness index. This latter is strongly related to the ports visited as well as to the overall schedule of the itinerary. Therefore the problem turns out to be a bi-objective optimization problem. We provide its solution in terms of Pareto optimal solution points. Each single objective MILP problem which arises is solved by using an exact algorithm,i mplemented in a commercial solver. We consider the day-by-day itineraries of a major luxury cruise company in many geographical areas all over the world. Here we report, as illustrative examples, the results obtained on some of these real instances.
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