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2023, European Robotics League: Benchmarking through Smart City Robot Competitions, Pages -

European Robotics League: Benchmarking through Smart City Robot Competitions (02a Capitolo o Articolo)

Studley Matthew, Carter Sarah, J. Perez-Grau Francisco, Viguria Antidio, Ferri Gabriele, Ferreira Fausto, Nair Deebul, Schneider Sven, G. Plöger Paul, U. Lima Pedro, Basiri Meysam, K. Kraetzschmar Gerhard, Nardi Daniele, Wang Lun, Antonioni Emanuele, Suriani Vincenzo, Iocchi Luca

The SciRoc project, started in 2018, is an EU-H2020 funded project supporting the European Robotics League (ERL) and builds on the success of the EU-FP7/H2020 projects RoCKIn, euRathlon, EuRoC and ROCKEU2. The ERL is a framework for robot competitions currently consisting of three challenges: ERL Consumer, ERL Professional and ERL Emergency. These three challenge scenarios are set up in urban environments and converge every two years under one major tournament: the ERL Smart Cities Challenge. Smart cities are a new urban innovation paradigm promoting the use of advanced technologies to improve citizens’ quality of life. A key novelty of the SciRoc project is the ERL Smart Cities Challenge, which aims to show how robots will integrate into the cities of the future as physical agents. The SciRoc Project ran two such ERL Smart Cities Challenges, the first in Milton Keynes, UK (2019) and the second in Bologna, Italy (2021). In this chapter we evaluate the three challenges of the ERL, explain why the SciRoc project introduced a fourth challenge to bring robot benchmarking to Smart Cities and outline the process in conducting a Smart City event under the ERL umbrella. These innovations may pave the way for easier robotic benchmarking in the future.
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