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A Simulation-Based Optimization approach for analyzing the ambulance diversion phenomenon in an Emergency Department network (13b Working paper)

Piermarini Christian, Roma Massimo

Most of the studies dealing with the increasing and well-known problem of Emergency Department (ED) overcrowding usually mainly focus on modeling the patient flow within a single ED, without considering the possibilities offered by the cooperation among EDs. Instead, it is important to analyze the overcrowding phenomenon considering an ED network rather than a single ED. In this paper, the Simulation-Based Optimization approach is adopted for studying an ED network under different conditions, by means of Discrete Event Simulation models. In particular we consider the so called Ambulance Diversion problem, analyzing different diversion policies. Such models are carried out from real data collected from six big EDs in the Lazio region of Italy. The aim is to optimize the performances of the entire network, in order to provide the best service to the patients without sustaining too high costs. The obtained experimental results show which are the best diversion policies both in terms of patient waiting time and costs for the service providers.
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