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2022, BRAIN SCIENCES, Pages -

Esports and Visual Attention: Evaluating In-Game Advertising through Eye-Tracking during the Game Viewing Experience (01a Articolo in rivista)

Mancini Marco, Cherubino Patrizia, Cartocci Giulia, Ana Martinez, DI FLUMERI Gianluca, Petruzzellis Luca, Cimini Michele, Aricò Pietro, Trettel Arianna, Babiloni Fabio

In recent years, technological advances and the introduction of social streaming platforms (e.g., Twitch) have contributed to an increase in the popularity of esports, a highly profitable industry with millions of active users. In this context, there is little evidence, if any, on how users perceive in-game advertising (IGA) and other key elements of the game viewing experience (e.g., facecam and chat) in terms of visual attention. The present eye-tracking study aimed at investigating those aspects, and introducing an eye-tracking research protocol specifically designed to accurately measure the visual attention associated with key elements of the game viewing experience. Results showed that (1) the ads available in the game view (IGAs) are capable altogether to attract 3.49% of the users’ visual attention; (2) the chat section draws 10.68% of the users’ visual attention and more than the streamer’s face, known as a powerful attentional driver; (3) the animated ad format elicits higher visual attention (1.46%) than the static format (1.12%); and (4) in some circumstances, the visual attention elicited by the ads is higher in the “Goal” scenes (0.69%) in comparison to “No-Goal” scenes (0.51%). Relevant managerial implications and future directions for the esports industry are reported and discussed.
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