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2022, NUTRIENTS, Pages - (volume: 14)

Sportsmen’s Attitude towards Dietary Supplements and Nutrition Knowledge: An Investigation in Selected Roman Area Gyms (01a Articolo in rivista)

Finamore Alberto, Benvenuti Luca, De Santis Alberto, Cinti Serena, Rossi Laura

The non-professional sport environment is a grey zone not as widely assessed as that of elite athletes. The purpose of this research was to investigate the dietary supplementation habits and the nutrition knowledge on sport (NKS) in a sample of gym users. The level of adequacy of NKS was set at ≥60% of correct answers. Almost half (46.4%) of respondents stated they used food supplements, in particular multivitamins (31.0%), amino acid pills (29.5%), minerals (29.1%), and protein powders (28.7%). Supplements were used to increase muscle mass (36.9%) and to repair muscle (35.1%). Gym trainers were the preferred source of information on the use of supplements, especially in males (84%). The NKS correct response rate was 57.1% and the proportion of respondents with a sufficient level of NKS was 47.3%. The prevalence of correct answers was highest in males (61.5%) and for respondents with the highest educational attainment levels (44.5% and 53%). This study demonstrated that non-professional sportsmen do not have sufficient knowledge of nutrition and that the gym environment does not facilitate the circulation of the correct information on the role of supplementation. Considering the importance of nutrition for sportsmen, it is necessary to put in place actions aimed at increasing the knowledge of nutrition of gym users and their trainers.
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