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2021, IJCAI, Pages 1822-1828

Intensional and Extensional Views in DL-Lite Ontologies (04c Atto di convegno in rivista)

Console Marco, De Giacomo Giuseppe, Lenzerini Maurizio, Namici Manuel

The use of virtual collections of data is often essential in several data and knowledge management tasks. In the literature, the standard way to define virtual data collections is via views, i.e., virtual relations defined using queries. In data and knowledge bases, the notion of views is a staple of data access, data integration and exchange, query optimization, and data privacy. In this work, we study views in Ontology-Based Data Access (OBDA) systems. OBDA is a powerful paradigm for accessing data through an ontology, i.e., a conceptual specification of the domain of interest written using logical axioms. Intuitively, users of an OBDA system interact with the data only through the ontology's conceptual lens. We present a novel framework to express natural and sophisticated forms of views in OBDA systems and introduce fundamental reasoning tasks for these views. We study the computational complexity of these tasks and present classes of views for which these tasks are tractable or at least decidable.
ISBN: 978-0-9992411-9-6
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