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2022, Lecture Notes in Networks and Systems, Pages 710-734

An Evaluation Model Supporting IT Outsourcing Decision for Organizations (02a Capitolo o Articolo)

Annarelli A., Fonticoli L. F., Nonino F., Palombi G.

The aim of this paper is to carry out a study on Information Technology outsourcing. Starting from a literature review, we selected 46 papers to identify the main features of the subject matter. In particular, the main topics were: IT Governance, Market, Determinants, Benefits and Disadvantages, Outsourcing methods and Security. These six aspects have been deepened and studied, allowing, thanks to the present literature, to obtain a complete theoretical framework of the treated topic. Subsequently, we condensed these findings into an evaluation model to support IT outsourcing decision. This, in turn, would allow to assess the level of maturity of IT outsourcing, both in the case where the company in question is already outsourcing and in the case where the decision to outsource is to be made.
ISBN: 978-3-031-10466-4; 978-3-031-10467-1
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