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2022, LUT Scientific and Expertise Publications, Pages -

How digitalization capabilities support cyber resilience (04b Atto di convegno in volume)

Annarelli Alessandro, Nonino Fabio, Palombi Giulia

In the last decades, digitization and innovation have led to structural changes in the way organizations operate, generating new procedures, approaches, and new capabilities. The so-called digitalization capabilities, considered a source of competitiveness, are spreading. However, cyber security and how these changes are leading to new risks and vulnerabilities should not be underestimated in the digital transformation. Therefore, the ability of organizations to adapt to change, to react to cyber attacks and to exploit them to become more robust recalls the concept of resilience, or rather, of cyber resilience. This study combines digitalization capabilities with cyber resilience by extending the use of these capabilities within cyber security: resilience and competitiveness can no longer be considered separately. To demonstrate the existence of a possible contribution from digitalization capabilities for cyber resilience, an empirical investigation of a case study active in highly innovative and technological sectors was conducted: aerospace and security. The results provide interesting actions to be taken, exploiting the digitalization capabilities to obtain resilient cyber systems.
ISBN: 978-952-335-694-8
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