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2023, Lecture notes in computer science - RoboCup 2023: Robot World Cup XXVI, Pages -

Play Everywhere: A Temporal Logic based Game Environment Independent Approach for Playing Soccer with Robots (04b Atto di convegno in volume)

Suriani V, Musumeci E, Nardi D, Bloisi D. D.

Robots playing soccer often rely on hard-coded behaviors that struggle to generalize when the game environment change. In this paper, we propose a temporal logic based approach that allows robots’ behaviors and goals to adapt to the semantics of the environment. In particular, we present a hierarchical representation of soccer in which the robot selects the level of operation based on the perceived semantic characteristics of the environment, thus modifying dynamically the set of rules and goals to apply. The proposed approach enables the robot to operate in unstructured environments, just as it happens when humans go from soccer played on an official field to soccer played on a street. Three different use cases set in different scenarios are presented to demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed approach.
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