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2023, ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE, Pages 103976- (volume: 323)

The notion of Abstraction in Ontology-based Data Management (01a Articolo in rivista)

Cima G, Poggi A, Lenzerini M

We study a novel reasoning task in Ontology-based Data Management (OBDM), called Abstraction, which aims at associating formal semantic descriptions to data services. In OBDM a domain ontology is used to provide a semantic layer mapped to the data sources of an organization. The basic idea of the work presented in this paper is to explain the semantics of a data service in terms of a query over the ontology. We illustrate a formal framework for this problem, based on three different notions of abstraction, called sound, complete, and perfect, respectively. We present a thorough complexity analysis of two computational problems, namely verification (checking whether a query is an abstraction of a given data service), and computation (computing an abstraction of a given data service).
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