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2023, Proceedings of the Annual ACM Symposium on Principles of Distributed Computing, Pages 176-179

Brief Announcement: Efficient Computation in Congested Anonymous Dynamic Networks (04b Atto di convegno in volume)

Di Luna G. A., Viglietta G.

An anonymous dynamic network is a network of indistinguishable processes whose communication links may appear or disappear unpredictably over time. Previous research has shown that deter-ministically computing an arbitrary function of a multiset of input values given to these processes takes only a linear number of communication rounds (Di Luna-Viglietta, FOCS 2022).However, fast algorithms for anonymous dynamic networks rely on the construction and transmission of large data structures called history trees, whose size is polynomial in the number of processes. This approach is unfeasible if the network is congested, and only messages of logarithmic size can be sent through its links. In fact, it is known that certain basic tasks such as all-to-all token dissemination (by means of single-token forwarding) require ω(n2/log n) rounds in congested networks (Dutta et al., SODA 2013).In this work, we develop a series of practical and efficient techniques that make it possible to use history trees in congested anonymous dynamic networks. Among other applications, we show how to compute arbitrary functions in such networks in O(n3) communication rounds, greatly improving upon previous state-of-the-art algorithms for congested networks.
ISBN: 9798400701214
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