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Factors influencing the adoption of zero-emission buses: A review-based framework (01a Articolo in rivista)

Avenali Alessandro, Catalano Giuseppe, Giagnorio Mirko, Matteucci Giorgio

Zero-emission buses (ZEBs) currently face the challenge of switching from small-scale implementation to large-scale deployment. This stage is affected by multiple decision-making factors that either hinder or enable the ZEB adoption, also depending on local contexts and stakeholder perspectives. This study develops a holistic framework relating the transition towards ZEB fleets based on an extensive literature review. The review aims at fully capturing the supporting and limiting factors for the bus fleet decarbonisation and organising them in a comprehensive taxonomy and hierarchy. Subsequently, the impact of each of the identified factors was quantitatively analysed. The results show that technological, economic and managerial factors have hampered the large-scale deployment of ZEBs, while social, environmental, and institutional dimensions have stimulated their diffusion. However, more recent studies show that advances in the technological and managerial domains are reducing some drawbacks linked to ZEBs. Finally, the proposed framework is used to identify factors of growing significance that merit further research.
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