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2024, APPLIED INTELLIGENCE, Pages 470-489 (volume: 54)

Temporally extended goal recognition in fully observable non-deterministic domain models (01a Articolo in rivista)

Pereira Ramon Fraga, Fuggitti Francesco, Meneguzzi Felipe, De Giacomo Giuseppe

Goal Recognition is the task of discerning the intended goal that an agent aims to achieve, given a set of goal hypotheses, a domain model, and a sequence of observations (i.e., a sample of the plan executed in the environment). Existing approaches assume that goal hypotheses comprise a single conjunctive formula over a single final state and that the environment dynamics are deterministic, preventing the recognition of temporally extended goals in more complex settings. In this paper, we expand goal recognition to temporally extended goals in Fully Observable Non-Deterministic (FOND) planning domain models, focusing on goals on finite traces expressed in Linear Temporal Logic (LTLf) and Pure-Past Linear Temporal Logic (PPLTL). We develop the first approach capable of recognizing goals in such settings and evaluate it using different LTLf and PPLTL goals over six fond planning domain models. Empirical results show that our approach is accurate in recognizing temporally extended goals in different recognition settings.
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