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2024, FRACTAL AND FRACTIONAL, Pages - (volume: 8)

Real-Time Synchronisation of Multiple Fractional-Order Chaotic Systems: An Application Study in Secure Communication (01a Articolo in rivista)

Nail B, Atoussi Ma, Saadi S, Tibermacine Ie, Napoli C

In this paper, we use two Fractional-Order Chaotic Systems (FOCS)-one for the sender and one for the receiver-to determine the optimal synchronisation for a secure communication technique. With the help of the Step-By-Step Sliding-Mode Observer (SBS-SMO), this synchronisation is accomplished. An innovative optimisation method, known as the artificial Harris hawks optimisation (HHO), was employed to enhance the observer's performance. This method eliminates the random parameter selection process and instead selects the optimal values for the observer. In a short amount of time, the secret message that could have been in the receiver portion (signal, voice, etc.) was successfully recovered using the proposed scheme. The experimental validation of the numerical results was carried out with the assistance of an Arduino microcontroller and several electronic components. In addition, the findings of the experiments were compared with the theoretical calculations, revealing a satisfactory level of agreement.
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